Ponoka Family & Community Support Services

Winter Walk

Winter Walk Day annually in February

Every winter thousands of Albertans celebrate winter and walking by participating in Winter Walk Day in February. Walking is great for our health, the environment, reducing traffic and building community!  You can Register as a participant for Winter Walk Day by yourself or come and walk with Ponoka FCSS. 

Walkers at Rimoka Lodge and at the Calnash Ag Event Centre Heritage Barn, stay warm and safe on Winter Walk Day annually. Fifty walkers logged in 1,000 minutes in 2014. In 2015, 88 walkers logged 2,800 minutes. In 2016, 99 walkers registered 4,142 minutes. In 2017, 114 walkers logged 3,080 minutes. In 2018, 91 walkers logged 2,838 minutes. WOW!! What an amazing accomplishment! Keep in mind that you can walk at either of these locations on a daily basis (some conditions apply) until the snow and ice melts - you don't need to wait until next February. Hope to see you there. Happy Trails!

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