Ponoka Family & Community Support Services

Requests for Funding

Ponoka FCSS strives to identify gaps in community services and address them. Therefore, community members – as an organization can apply for funding. 

The Board of Directors consider a number of criteria prior to approval of a funding request. These criteria include, but are not limited to:

1) Does the request fit the FCSS mandate? (see link below for further information)

2) Does the request address a need in the community? (see link below for information on asset map and social needs survey)

3) Have partnerships been developed?

The Board of Directors review funding requests at their regular board meetings.  Board meetings are held monthly except July, August and December.The funding request application must be submitted one month prior to the scheduled board meeting.  There are two application forms available below. The short form can be used for funding requests totalling $3,000 and under. The long form must be used to apply for sums over $3,000.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please call the Ponoka FCSS office and speak with the Executive Director or e-mail her at shannon@ponokafcss.net.


Asset Map 2013

Social Needs Survey 2016

2023 Grant Application Form for Amounts over $3,000

2023 Grant Application Form for Amounts up to $3,000

2024 Grant Application Form for Amounts over $3,000

2024 Grant Application Form for Amounts up to $3,000

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