Ponoka Family & Community Support Services

Personal Care Services

What's Available?

Personal care services such as receiving assistance to dress or put on compression stockings, having a bath, simple wound care, simple dressing changes, application of ointments and drops or assistance when taking medication are all available through FCSS. 

Where is it Available?

Personal care can be provided in a client’s home or at Rimoka or Legacy Place. Field staff travel to the client’s residence at a designated time and provide the care there. Residents in Ponoka County are also able to obtain personal care services.

Who Provides the Personal Care?

FCSS home care field staff will provide your personal care.  All home care field staff workers are qualified health care aides.  Knowledge of standards of care are updated with regular in-services and additional training provided.

Who Pays for the Personal Care Services?

Alberta Health Services pay for the personal care provided by our field staff.  You will not be billed for the personal care provided.

How Long Can I Receive Personal Care Services?

Personal care can be provided for a short period of time or an extended period of time. The home care nurse will periodically complete a re-assessment to determine if your needs have changed and if your care-plan needs to be updated.

How Do I Go About Obtaining Personal Care?

To obtain personal care services an individual must first be assessed by a home care nurse. Although the home care nurses for our community work from the Ponoka Community Health Unit you must first call the Alberta Continuing Care Access Line at 1-855-371-4122 and they will contact the local home care nurse on your behalf. Once contacted, the home care nurse will assess the level of care that you require and inform FCSS who will coordinate your care. 

If you or someone else you know is in need of assistance with their personal care please contact the Access Line noted above.

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